Hovercraft Workshop

Hovercraft Workshop


Build your ultimate amphibious machine!

Hovercraft can be defined as a self-drive vehicle, dynamically holed by a self-created cushion of slow moving, elevated pressure air which is ejected against the surface below and contained within a flexible skirt such that it is totally amphibious and has some ability to travel over less than perfect surface.

The basic hovercraft types are military hovercrafts, commercial hovercrafts, rescue hovercrafts, recreational or sport hovercrafts and non-commercial research hovercrafts.



Introduction to air-cushion vehicles and basic components of a hovercraft as well as its working system


Mentoring for mechanical calculations and selection of raw materials and sub-components


Introduction to electrical components and their installation principles on the fabricated hovercraft


Learn about different hovering techniques of hovercrafts by test running your hovercrafts in land and water


The Hovercraft Making workshop of SDNx trains participants to design, fabricate and test run their own mini Radio Controlled Hovercrafts. Scratch building a hovercraft will make them practically understand the principles of aerodynamics, electronics and instrumentation involved in design of a hovercraft. Participants will go through the following sessions to fabricate hovercraft of their own.


Theoretical Session

  • Fundamentals of aerodynamics
  • Lecture on air-cushion vehicles and hovercraft
  • Understand various components of a hovercraft
  • Operations of a hovercraft through its basic systems

Fabrication Session

  • Scratch building the hovercraft
  • Understanding design algorithm of hovercraft
  • Calculations for lift, thrust and propeller dimensions
  • Preparing the structure ready for base and cover

Electronics Session

  • Learn to install electronic components on a hovercraft
  • Brushless Motors, ESC, Servo Motors among others
  • LIPO Battery and their specified requirements
  • Functionalities of Transmitter & Receiver

Test Session

  • Efficiency escalation and analysis of the fabricated hovercrafts
  • Range test of the RC Transmitter and test run of the hovercraft
  • Discussion on fabrication faults in the hovercrafts (if any)
  • Selection of best fabricated hovercraft among the participants

Fee : Rs. 1000/Member

Contact Details: -

Mr. Nitin: - +91 9140128758

Mr. Praphull: - +91 9304435657