Sanjay Rathee

Hi Magnificent You, It is a great Honor to have been associated with brilliant and magnate people like you. We are in marketing and management in various creative and opportunistic new emerging innovation and technologies, as a team we have been pushing the limits to create innovative ideas for every kind of creative business.

By visualizing the impossible, we begin to see it as possible. There are dominant ideas in every field. I will purposefully challenge these dominant ideas in order to conceive new possibilities. We have to dig for treasure in our own backyard.

Since I was a kid, I was fascinated to do something innovative and new but due to lack of resources, opportunities and information about Innovation initiatives. I was deprived of all of this. I've been struggling for years just to get to a conclusion, because I have an aim in my life to innovate for mankind and to save our beautiful planet "Earth", don't you think that's why we are here on Earth.

My Aim

To Create an Artificial Grid a Perfection of UNO - All my Groups are Elements/Civilizations for this Grid.

To create a platform for evolution of Innovation techniques and Methods.

Artificial Intelligence 3D Holography? Immersive Game Theory Virtual reality Algorithmic Technological singularity Holodynamics information system Airobots Aerial 3D Entertainment & Advertising, Bio informatics Robotics Nanotechnology GIS Medicine and Human-Machine Interfaces, Renewable/Green Resources Defense Space Security, Education, I.T and New Technology (Innovations)

"I Will Ride on My Passion and Rise with Compassion"