Skill Development Workshops

Interplanetary Rover

Interplanetary rovers uniquely benefit planetary exploration – they enable regional exploration with the precision of in-situ measurements, a combination impossible from an orbiting spacecraft or fixed lander.

Model Rocketry

SDNx Model Rocketry Workshop is aimed to reveal the physical science and technology behind designing a rocket. This workshop is synthesized to provide practical exposure on model rocketry. 

Miniature Satellite

A Mini-Sat is a small satellite having specific payload used to teach about space technology. It is similar to the technology used in miniaturized satellite.

Autonomous Robotic Arm

Autonomous Robotic Arm Workshop includes designing of Gripper Unit, Gear Mechanism, Interfacing servo motors arrangement and ARM Movement. 

Drone Technology

Drone and Quadcopter (from Quad “four” and Copter “helicopter”) is an aerial robot combining a simple propeller mechanism with powerful electronics for limitless real-world applications.


A hovercraft, also called an air- cushion vehicle, ACV, is a craft capable of travelling at an elevated height over rough terrain. They can also move around well on land, ice, and water.