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Mr. APJMJ Sheikh Saleem

Grand Nephew of Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

TRUSTEE, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam International Foundation

I am pleased to become a member of the Board of Advisors for the Space Development Nexus (SDNx). I know that my specific expertise and industry knowledge will be a great benefit to the organization and interested parties. I look forward to making a valuable contribution to the Space Development Nexus (SDNx).

T.K. Sundaramurthy

ISRO Former Mission Director
Member, Aeronautical Society of India
Member, Astronautical Society of India

ISRO Former Mission Director

T K Sundaramurthy joined ISRO Satellite Centre after completing bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur, DMIT (Honors) in Aeronautical Engineering from Madras Institute of Technology (MIT) and ME (Distinction) in Aerospace Engineering from Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore in initial capacity as Mission Analyst. He served in ISRO for over 37 years in various capacities and responsibilities in mission operations /management of communication and meteorological spacecrafts of ISRO.

Having this rich experience, he joined Mission Development Division/Group to take up further responsibilities of Mission related operations of communication satellites and served in various executive positions as Project Engineer, Project Manager, Deputy Project Director, and Operation Director and Mission Director for Indian Communication Satellite System. He has contributed in the field of mission planning, analysis and operations starting from conceptualization & realizing the same. Various technical papers & reports have been prepared and presented in various technical forums.

He was the main architect, as Mission Director, for the design (mission) and successfully commissioning a state of art communication satellite EUTELSAT, a joint venture of Astrium and ISRO Antrix for Europe, besides various odds from time to time in commissioning the same. HYLAS, another high-end communication satellite for AVANTHI (service provider in UK) was another feather to his credit. He had the privilege of associating himself with an International Space Agency ASTRIUM towards these projects.

Upon successful completion of EUTELSAT –W2M Operations conferred “TEAM EXCELLENCE AWARD”

“TEAM EXCELLENCE AWARD” conferred for successful completion of ISRO’s advanced meteorological S/C INSAT-3D

As ISRO representative attended many International Technical Conferences.

He is a freelance ambassador from ISRO community in spreading space science and programmes among students, common public, educational Institutions and so on.

He has now different roles in various technical bodies/associations.

Governing council member: ACS College of Engineering.

Member Secretary, MITAA – BC

Member, Astronautical Society of India

Member, Aeronautical Society of India

He is currently involved as an expert consultant in the upcoming spacecraft of Advanced Meteorological & Communication and High Data Rate Spacecraft.



Director at Center for ISRO GNSS Studies
Prof ECE Department at St Ann’s College of Engineering & Technology
Defence Research and Development Organisation (Retd)

Director at Center for ISRO GNSS Studies, Ex-DRDO, Worked at Abdul Kalam Missile Complex

Space Development Nexus is one of the active organization for space enthusiasts in the universe. Counting on the successes achieved in the last 2 years, SDNx is doing an amazing job. It takes huge efforts to organize educational programs in the field of Rocketry and Robotics for space applications. I feel SDNx is taking off like a rocket!

I am ex-DRDO Scientist, specialized in Aerospace Tech. presently involved in teaching ‘Satellite Communications’ for BTech ECE students. 
On Dec 11, 2014 I came to see USA on a long visit upto May 2015.
During 1975-79, I did my Ph D at IIT Bombay on Piezoelectric (PZT) materials. During 1980-83 post doc. fellow at Microelectronics and Electrical Engg Dept. Trinity college, Dublin, Ireland.
During 1986-87, I was in Japan on Matsumae International Foundation Fellowship as a Visiting Professor of Sophia University Tokyo. In Japan I was associated with Dr Kenji Uchino, Professor of Electrical Engineering Department. Professor Uchino is the world leader in the field of Ferroelectric Devices and for the last 20 years Prof.Uchino holds the position of Professor at Pennsylvania State University, USA, Director of International Center for Actuators and Transducers, CEO of M/s. Micro Mechatronics Inc., Science Ambassador of Office of Naval Research Global at Tokyo etc.

Dr Srimathy Kesan

CEO & Founder  Space Kidz India
The Inspiration Behind KalamSAT

“Creating Scientists for the Country” and a borderless World is the vision and mission of Space Kidz India .

In India, most parents, cutting across various sections of the society, want their child to take up engineering and medicine as a career. I wanted to break that mindset because India needs more scientists—those who can be entrepreneurs as well. That’s why I focussed more on science, predominantly aerospace and aeroscience. Also, in our country, they aren’t given the importance they deserve, whereas space is the future and we need to work on that. So, I started Space Kidz India, wherein kids are given a lot of space – space above us, space within us and a platform. My vision is to build a world-class aerospace university with manufacturing and all the other amenities.


Member of Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC)
Member of Executive Committee of India’s Aeronautical Society (AeSI)


Sivasankar Gandhi Amutha” is an Aeronautical Engineer, Researcher, Technical consultant and Professor. He is currently holding a position as Member of the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC), Executive Committee member of Aeronautical Society of India (AeSI), State Representative and Advisory Committee member for Space Development Nexus (SDNx), International Relation officer for Institute of Aeronautics, Astronautics and Aviation (IAAA).

Sivasankar did his schooling in Jawahar Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Neyveli. He pursued his Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering from Anna University, Chennai. And Master of Technology in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering from Hindustan University, Chennai. Presently He is a Research Scholar in the Department of Aviation Management at Hindustan University, Chennai.

Sivasankar started his career as Assistant Professor in the Department of Aeronautical Engineering at Kalaignar Karunanidhi Institute of Technology, Coimbatore. During his tenure he visited various capacities of ISRO, DRDO, HAL, NAL. He had organised various National and International Seminars, Conference and Workshops for Kalaignar Karunanidhi Institute of Technology, Coimbatore. Currently, he is serving as an Academic Head at Lanka Pacific Aviation and Engineering, Colombo, Sri Lanka.


Prof. M.S. Prasad


Director, Amity institute of Space Science( NOIDA)
Program Director at DRDO (Retd.)
Head India Operations, NeoAccel (Retd.)

Navigation and Guidance expertise in developing a space systems. Design of computational algorithms for space signal processing.

Digital Signal Processing ( image & object identification Military objects ). Multiple target tracking with integrated Guidance & control . Missile / Aerospace systems.

Software Development and Secure data & voice network design.( algorithms & Encryption techniques)
EMI / EMC & EMP proof shelters design.
Industry experience : Start Up company Operation and P&L.

Specialties: DSP, Software security , Network security , Encryption.


3D Algorithm for Incremental Path planning In uncooperative Environment ,
SPIN IEEE J of robotics and Automation

Obstacle detection UAV ,
IEEE conference

Obstacle detection UAV ,
IEEE conference

Digital Elevation Model ,
Int Journal of Remote Sensing GIS

Moving Object Tracking from Moving Platform ,
International Conf in Signal processing Integrated Network

NAvigation error reduction In SWARM of UAV ,
International Journal of Digital Information Communication

Design simulation of MEMS vibration sensor for Launch vehicle ,
international Journal of Applied Engineering research

B.E. (MECH) India

Founder, Chairman and MD of BHARUK AEROSPACE LTD (UKRAINE)

If India needs to become developed then it has to think of establishing itself in space. We all need to unite to reach our goals of expanding ourselves into space. We can and together we will do it. It’s time when we should have our own space stations before its too late. Together we will do it. Let’s make India a superpower in space and let’s work hand in hand to bring peace and love on earth. Let us altogether write history and let’s lead. 
I am happy to disclose you that Mr. Sanjay Rathee is also one of our board of directors .


I am a mechanical, ex-marine and an aerospace engineer ( specialisation in gas turbine engine and power plant ) . Presently I am working as mechanical and Project head of Thermal power plant 800 MW in odisha. I am also the founder, Chairman and MD of a limited joint venture company between INDIA & UKRAINE and my Partners are Ukrainian government aerospace companies called BHARUK AEROSPACE LTD(UKRAINE). My Ukrainian partners are NIIPFM the only organisation after NASA which do physical simulation and aerodynamic testing of Rockets, drones and aeroplane engines, Cobra manoeuvring of Su fighter planes is an example of it including MIG series. Our another partner is world class company of Ukraine which gave India first satellite called Aryabhat & Bhaskar. My company partners are Ukrainian scientist working with Ukrainian government aerospace agencies. It was after my deep negotiations with them they agreed to transfer their secret technology to India and I still hold the same. Some Indian companies do have business with them but transfer of some technology still under our company. We have several projects in hands, specially micro drone SPARROW -S , it’s a stealth drone, hypersonic rocket called SHIVASTRA-1 , Medium range missile defence system in other words missile shield and 4-6 seater helicopter , a tie up with ukrainian helicopter company called VECTOR.
I was the first Indian to clear engine faculty of NATIONAL AEROSPACE UNIVERSITY and I have also designed GAS TURBINE ENGINE for 100 seater AI25 aeroplane . I was the first Indian to represent Congress of Propulsion committee ( it’s an organisation where new aerospace invention are cleared by numerous scientists) and it’s from here that we cleared our project of SHIVASTRA-1 hypersonic micro satellite launch vehicles with an apogee 200 km which can be converted into hypersonic missile and it’s range can be increased as desired. I am also looking for financial partners to join hand with our Ukrainian company in INDIA so that we can transfer technology.

Director of Research at KMIT
Advisor at KL University
Director General of NIC (Retd)


India is a leader in Space Technology. A lot can be done in Space Applications for Economic Development on one side and funding for the new Space Applications on the other. Space colonisation is an important subject to pursue research. While developing new space technologies can be of interest in Space R&D,deploying applications of these technologies in the globe, for alleviating poverty with the objective of achieving sustainable and green higher economic development in poor countries to improve health, education and agriculture is the priority.

Internet bandwidth at broad band and above levels in the villages ,towns and cities will be critical requirement for deploying these applications which can have direct impact on the lifestyles of the people and therefore improve their quality of life. Therefore Satellite based broad and higher Internet bandwidth should be targetted,as it will be cheaper and better than optic fibre based bandwidth.

Daydreamer of

Founder – Gamify Democracy, Prime Catalyst – Alpha Infinity FoundatioN, Principal Cofounder – AuraOZ

“My goal is to build, evolve and teach people to construct a digital Aura of 7+ layers around an avatar of their body in a virtual space. To then connect all manner of visual heads up display interfaces supported by simple fast access machine learning protocols and API’s to web services, social media, satellite feeds, open government data and so on. This application has use in any area of society for simulating opportunities, storing health data, customized education, reputations management, supply chain management, etc.”

Luke has been researching global governance, the climate of Earth and our local universe, disaster mitigation science and technology as well as philosophy and higher mindedness towards a digital consciousness in a universe.

Luke has been stated saying “I want to have built an interstellar or intergalactic star ship and transport network before the age of 50.”

Luke’s vision of the future is an artificial intelligence supported pathway to joyous virtuous and compassionate responsible abundance for humanity, life and automata to live in harmony on Earth and to also expand throughout and beyond the Sol star system.

“I designed it to stabilize the transition of humanity into a universal civilization. My hope and desire is that via a well selected cross section of humanity, ie: women men and complex genders from differet ages, tribes, cultures, nations, languages and religions curate their AuraOZ (an aura, an avatar and an operating zeitgeist) to simulate the cycles and goals of their life into a crowd intelligence platform. The goal is to demonstrate how we can compute and implement new transition strategies towards a world where people are so intelligent, happy, interested and engaged in society that all nations can demilitarize and formalize a civil universal exploration treaty.”

– Luke Nathan Hayes

Mr. Deepak Choudhary

B.Tech (Aerospace Engg.), LL.B., CS (Company Secretary)

Aviation and Aerospace Lawyer and Consultant

Mr. Deepak Choudhary is a renowned Aviation and Aerospace Lawyer and consultant in India. At present he is dealing top cases of Aviation and Aerospace Law in Delhi High Court and Supreme Court of India. Apart from that he is also a company secretary and working with Aero Club of India (Ministry of Civil Aviation) for Aeromodelling and Aerosports projects independently. He is a registered patenent attorney in India and dealing patent cases across India

He is a space enthusiastic person with a pure mission of making India superior in the field of space exploration and development. Maximally to inspire, motivate and provide best opportunity for private players in this particular field and also establish space policy in India.

Author, Scientist, Engineer

Cybersecurity Pioneer, IoT Smart Cities Solutioneer™, Cyber Innovation Speaker, Firefighter/Medic, Real Rocket Scientist

Robert S. Katz is an American scientist and engineer who is known for his work on initial global inter-connectivity protocols and applications.

Katz earned his BA from the Frostburg State University in 1986. He joined the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for post graduate research in Electrical, Computer & Systems Engineering.

In July 2014, during a period of escalated violence in Israel, Katz was deployed to the country as a volunteer firefighter with The Emergency Volunteers Project. The next year, he served as a volunteer firefighter, paramedic, and underwater search and rescue diver for Montgomery County, Maryland.

Katz heads the Innovation Intelligence Institute, a non-profit think tank.