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Sounding rockets

Sounding rockets have been used for scientific research since the late 1950s and were originally implemented in meteorological and upper atmosphere studies.


Advancement of technology and easy accessibility has also revolutionized satellite industry by introducing smaller cheap versions of satellites, one of such kind of satellites are known as Nano-satellites or nanosats. These satellites have mass between 1-10 Kg with dimensions of few centimeters. 


Rovers have several advantages over stationary landers: they examine more territory and they can be directed to interesting features. If they are solar powered, they can place themselves in sunny positions to weather winter months. They can also advance the knowledge of how to perform very remote robotic vehicle control which is necessarily semi-autonomous due to the finite speed of light.

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drone application

Drone/UAV Applications at Present and in the Future. Drone finds its application in Aerial Photography. Can be implemented for search and rescue operations. In the field of agriculture.Drone for shipping and delivery. Drone and Engineering applications. 3D mapping with drones.Drones for Safety Surveillance.

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