Innovating things has never been
so Easy

About the Program

SDNx Innovation Lab is an ideal place for a learner to unleash his/her personal creativity. Here a student will discover suitable tools, resources, technological equipment and guidance to create new things. SDNx innovation Lab is a fully integrated mode of imparting valuable academic and vocational knowledge in the field of science, computer programs, technology, research and engineering to the learners. Here we also offer technological project opportunities for entrepreneurs and research-oriented students to inquire, collaborate, create, tackle new problems and calibrate their solutions to develop a wide variety of valuable products.

Who can join SDNx Innovation Lab?

SDNx innovation lab is a paradise for those learners who want to change the world by their action. Any learner with a burning desire to push the human race forward can join this revolutionary platform.


Robust learning practices

Catalyst for your career path

State of the art equipments for r&d

certification from key government and international organizations

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