SDNx ISC 2019

February 26th, 27th & 28th 2019 , MNIT Jaipur, INDIA

SDNx 2nd International
Space Conference

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What is this conference all about?

The International Space Conference (ISC) on Comprehensive Space Policy in India is an annual event devoted to various aspects of Space, Future Technology, Aerospace Engineering and inviting researchers, eminent scientists, the faculty from reputed colleges and students working in the field of space development and technology to present their research. The conferences started in 2016, and ISC 2019 is the second in this series.

ISC 2019 is being organised by Space Development Nexus, New Delhi in co-operation with various National - International Organisation like The Rose of Education, USA and AuraOZ, Australia.

Original papers are invited on all aspects that ISC 2019 covers.

Organiser Committee

Technical Committee

Technical Committee

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Call for Papers

Authors are requested to submit their abstract on or full length paper.

The acceptance of the paper will be notified within a week. The accepted paper should be submitted by 15th October, 2018

Conference Tracks

Track 01. Space Science & Technology

Interplanetary Missions, Planetary Environment, Earth Observations, Space Debris Mitigation, Deep Space Explorations, Communication and Navigation, Propulsion, Design and Structure, Thermal and Power Systems, Astronautic & Astrophysics, Innovation & Future Explorations, Education in Space

Track 02. Space Law, Policy & Management

Intra-government Treaties, Regional Space Policies, Space Debris Regulations, Space Tourism, Insurance & Liability Issues, Commercial & Legal Issues related to Space Explorations, New Business Opportunities, Participatory Explorations for Education Empowerment & Capacity Building, International Moot Court

Track 03. Life Science Issues in Space & Aero-medicine 

Human Space Endeavours, Biological Issues and Human Habitation, Gravity Variation Effects on Human Bodies, Radio-logical & Chemical Effects, Research & Education Opportunities

Track 04. Space Applications & Climate Change

Monitoring Earth Environment, Satellite Observations for Stratosphere Activities, Remote Sensing and Disaster Monitoring, Solar Activity Observations, Weather Cycle & Space Applications, Mapping Water and Agriculture Sources, Glaciers Observations, Open Forum Discussion


Authors are requested to submit their abstract (400 words maximum) through an email at in MS word or PDF version please. Authors are encouraged to submit original papers/reviews and present it in conference personally.

To submit the abstract, the email subject should be entitled SDNXISC 2018 ABSTRACT_(CONFERENCE TRACK NO.)_First Name (For example, SDNXISC 2018 ABSTRACT_01/02/03/04_XXXX). 

Authors (and co-authors) are requested to write the full name(s) in capital letters with their full title and affiliation(s) please. 

For further details / correspondences, interested agencies and/or institutions are requested to communicate at OR with subject SDNXISC 2018 Papers.

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Meet the Speakers


Prof. M.S. Prasad

Director, Amity institute of Space Science & technology

Avionics Software Engg, Soft Computing, Engg. System Design,Signal Detection Techniques


Mr. V.V. Bhatt

Board of Directors - BSNL

Board of Directors - BSNL, Joined the Indian Administrative Service (AGUMUT cadre) in 1976, was Chairman of Pondicherry Textile Corporation.


Smt. Kesan

Founder, Space Kidz India

"Space Kidz India", is working towards promoting Art, Science and Culture for students of India, create an International Platform for the same.

10399727_110854916307_7195111_n (2)

Mr. Anthony Hall

Founder, The Rose of Education Oganisation

The Rose of Education is focused on using technology to empower, enrich and uplift individuals and their families


Prof. A.M. Varaprasad

Director, CIGS

Centre for ISRO GNSS Studies, is located at St. Ann's College of Engineering & Technology, Chirala, Andhra Pradesh.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-31 at 3.17.43 PM

Mr. Luke Catalyst


AuraOZ, the Aura Operating Zeitgeist is based on the philosophy that a world of Joyous, Virtuous and C



25,000 INR (Indian Participants) OR 345 USD (Foreign Participants) for 2m X 1m 

Government / Academic Institution / University:

20,000 INR (Indian Participants) OR 275 USD (Foreign Participants) for 2m X 1m

For further details/correspondences, interested agencies and/or institutions are requested to communicate at with subject SDNx ISC 2018 Exhibition

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