2 Days Workshop on
Satellite Technology and
Space Communication

Registration Fee:
With Kit: Rs. 1000 (in team of 5)
Without Kit: Rs. 600

Vision for the Workshop

India is now rising up as the most important emerging space market with continuous growth in R&D. So, SDNx believes that it is important for our nation to empower not only R&D space centers but also private, commercial and education sectors to take the lead in making Indian space industry a superpower.

30 & 31

March 2019


Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi (Himachal pradesh)

Workshop Attraction

  • Exposure to Science behind Satellite missions
  • Knowledge about Space Orbits, Satellite Applications, Significance of Newtonian and Kepler theory of Space Dynamics, Role of Einstein’s Relativity in Modern Satellite Alignments etc.
  • Hands-On application based sessions on Atmospheric Sensors, Electronic Transmitting Devices and Micro-Controllers.
  • Introduction to Embedded architecture by using electronic soldering.
  • Discussion on topics like Global Positioning System (GPS), Navigation System, Satellite Reconnaissance, Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS), and Satellite Based Space War.
  • Interaction with Scientists and Researchers from ISRO, DRDO, NASA, ESA and other Space Agencies.
  • Introduction to UNispace Nanosatellite Assembly & Training by ISRO (UNNATI) program, Young Scientist Program by ISRO, and International Opportunities in the field of Small Satellites manufacturing and Development.
  • Night Gazing trip to one of the famous clear sky spot in India, Parashar Lake (depends on good weather conditions)
  • Research Opportunities with Space Development Nexus (SDNx)
  • Internship Opportunities with Space Development Nexus (SDNx)
  • Workshop Certification from National and International Organizations.

Shaping the future

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