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Research Opportunities With SDNx

This platform is classified into three Stages:

The member needs to submit their research work in the following document format

Submit your research paper with abstract on info@spacedevelopmentnexus.com. After the successful review from our editorial committee, we will let you know you the given email id.

After the successful publication of the proposed research work on SDNx Digital Research Portal, the member will be provided with basic resources such as tools, equipments, electronics, 3D-printing, project advisory etc. to develop a prototype model.

The SDNx Advisory committee will pick the most potential projects and their prototypes to grant patent recommendation and seed funding.

Faculty Development Platform With SDNx

SDNx believe there is a creator in everyone therefore every year we organize multiple faculty development programs to provide necessary skill sets to our faculty members so that they can contribute to the modern age requirements of education system. All the faculty members will receive the following benefits from this faculty development platform:

Every Faculty Member will receive a concession of 10% concession on every SDNx skill development event.

Members will be provided with refunding options in all the event on two week prior notice from the date of commencement of that particular event.

All the respective members will posses a special seat reservation in case of last moment registration in our skill development events.

Networking Opportunities With SDNx

Through our faculty development programs throughout the India, SDNx is creating a nationwide platform of Educators, Edupreneurs, Researchers and Science Faculties to create a sustainable education system for the young generation. We believe in empowering the existing educators is much important than educating students about modern science and technology. This will prepare them to empower every student they encounter.

SDNx Certification and ID Card

After the successful faculty membership registration, the faculty will receive an official e-certification and a digital ID card by SDNx on their registered email id. The certificate and Id will carry an unique membership identification number for official records and recognition.


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