About Space Development Nexus (SDNx)

Space Development Nexus (SDNx) is a global cooperative that knows no borders to expand Human existence beyond the Earth. It is a calling to like minded individuals to get involved in the peaceful and endless existence of man. SDN was founded by Sanjay Rathee because of a common desire for radical change to humanity.

What Is The Ultimate Goal Of SDNx?
  • Mining the space resources.
  • Building a space habitat to house 1 million families in the space permanently.
  • Educating the youth of tomorrow with the benefits of space exploration and development of technologies in our own country.

We want to reach out to researchers and scientists in field of space exploration and technology to provide us their knowledge, experience and awareness in the student initiatives.


We want students to develop interests and be a part of our space initiative in various ways such as student ambassadors, volunteers and team members working with us towards making our goals successful. For a student it is a first step in becoming the next Abdul Kalam in the space age.