Om Dutt

It is great working with SDNx team. To envision and enact brings out something new. It is very good opportunity for me and all of us.


Abhinaya Bharadwaj

“SDNx is creating a vibrant ecosystem and innovative community for space enthusiasts, science lovers, technology explorers to excel in each and every aspect of space communications.


Siddhesh Patil

If you have the opportunity to do amazing things in your life, I strongly encourage you to join SDNx because of their research oriented programs and Student support.


Basavaraj Kallakutagar

SDNx is an engine of innovation and inspiration. working in these organisations is like standing apart from a crowd of millions! 

Aditya Kurup

The first indigenous rocket was transported behind a bicycle . We have a come a long way from that. Now it’s time go above and beyond with Space Development Nexus.


Dhanesh Bora

I have joined SDNx for fulfilling my dreams and satisfaction as SDNx helps me connecting people across the world through knowledge exchange with  converting knowledge into wealth. Proud to be a part of one and only open platform for students around the globe, SDNx.


Saurav Ghosh

I am proud to join SDNx here I got lots of opportunities to Learn many new things and make new innovative things.


Praphpreet SIngh

“Making space exploration accessible and reliable for everyone by innovation and creativity not because it is easy or full of fame but because it is exact measure of our intelligence and capability of achieving goals which used to be seem impossible once”


Ch. Aditya Kajla

I am a social welfare activist and I always promote The talented youth with all age groups so I think SDNx would be the great platform to launch the talent as well as our upcoming rocketeers and missiles men with lots and lots of Work With Sincerity and Sometimes Fun.


Ankit Chaudhary

SDNx is the platform where we learn about those technology which are important for country . And at this platform everyone can be the unique.


Kanhaiya Lal Shaw

I have joined SDNx group from august 2017. Currently I am working as a state representative of SDNx group for WEST BENGAL region. It is one of the most fastest growing technical organisation. With in less than a year this organisation has emerged as an powerful innovative technical organisation in India covering all most all of it’s major States.