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Space Development Nexus

is a Global Space Education and Research Platform that is designed to provide Space Awareness Activities, Space Educational Programs, Space Exploration R&D Projects to serve the Global Space Industry. The core objective of SDNx is to inspire, educate,connect and advocate on the behalf of World Space Community.

  • 1Build - awareness for the value of space exploration.
  • 2Foster - meaningful education programs for exploration, development, utilization and settlement of space.
  • 3Recognize - space pioneers, educators, entrepreneurs for their contributions to the world.
  • 4Develop - a workforce with critical thinking skills and to cultivate a populace that understands and support a robust space program.
  • 5Work - with national and international entities in the development and implementation of space policies that serve the industry and the public.
  • 6Collaborate - with space related organizations to advance global space interest.

Research Projects

Reusable Rocket

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Space Robotics

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Rocket Science & Technology

Unique wooden pieces of furniture
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Satellite Science & Technology

Thinking forward in a circle
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Drone Technology and Application

Art collector and architect
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Astronomy & Space Science

A master of his own craft
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Space Robotics & Technology

A tale of dual addresses
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Space Communication & Technology

It’s gonna be extraordinary
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The Students with 21st Century Skill set to make them employ able to serve the future industry of aerospace and aviation



A Community of Next Generation Space Leaders by feeding them with the latest technology and tools.



The students for the upcoming human Space Missions and Interplanetary Space Colonization

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