About us

Space Development Nexus – SDNx is India’s first open private space research and education organisation. Our mission is to revolutionize the Indian Space Sector by creating a private space ecosystem to make India the next superpower in the field of Space Science and benefit our motherland, India. To build the foundation of SDNx vision, we have included Astronauts, Space Agency Leaders, Space Engineers, Space Scientists and Experts in Space Law and Policy, comprising an international collection of Experts from technical and non-technical space related fields on our platform.  We offers skill development training, internships and  research opportunities in the field of Space Science and Technology.

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SDNx Space Academy

SDNx Space Academy is the one and only Indian Platform for the Global Youth Community to craft infinite new possibilities for the Future Space Industry. We accept revolutionary space projects from young space scientists from all over the globe to make them a market ready product or service to benefit the humankind.

SDNx Drone Academy

The Indian Drone Industry is quickly growing and a strong knowledge of drones, and how to operate them can be very valuable, allowing you to work in fast-growing industry or start your own business providing drone services in India such as photography, drone surveying and many other services. SDNx Drone academy offer both online and offline courses to our registered members. 

Asteroidian Space Corporation (ASCORP)

The aim of ASCORP is to become one of the most significant space company on the planet with the capability of independent space launching vehicle manufacturing and small satellite manufacturing in India.

Board of Directors

Mr. Sanjay Rathee

Founder & Chairman

Mr. Govind Yadav

Chief Innovation Officer

Dr. A.M. Varaprasad

Head of Technology

Mr. Nitin Kumar

Head of SDNx Innovation Labs

Our Partners

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